Warp x Tate (by Warp Records)

Video By Teddy Fitzugh : www.teddyfitzhugh.com 
Music ‘Boring Angel’ by Oneohtrix Point Never.

On Friday 6th December 2013, Warp Records collaborated with Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller and Tate Britain for a free night of installations and performances inspired by Deller’s work ‘The History of the World’.

Warp x Tate featured live performances from Jeremy Deller’s Acid Brass, Darkstar and patten as well as installations by Oneohtrix Point Never “Melancholy”, Hudson Mohawke “Summers of Love”, Rustie “Rave”, Hellicar & Lewis (w/ Arthur Carabott and John Nussey) “A tribute to 808 and 303” and Palace “Civil Unrest”.

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